Serving Mother Earth-What You Can Do

It takes a lot to keep a piece of land such as Annwfn going, let alone to make worthwhile improvements. There is no “man behind the curtain” here; it is up to all of us who care about Annwfn to join in and create!

Volunteering is essential to Annwfn’s continued survival and maintenance. If you have a few hours, days or weeks to contribute, check with the Annwfn Caretakers as to what needs doing at any given time. For some tasks (especially if marked *) you might need to ask them for specific details. Phone or text 831-204-0523

If you only get a couple of weeks vacation per year, consider coming to Annwfn for some part of it. Get that great feeling of helping maintain your Sanctuary while getting really healthy exercise, delightful tranquility and spiritual renewal.
Some examples of work that might be needed:

Sacred Spaces:

Moon Circle, Faerie Circle, Upper Meadow:

  • Weeding and raking circle grounds; around seats and altars
  • Straightening and wiping off log seats and altars
  • Sprucing up fire pit and restocking firewood

Memorials and Altars:

  • Cleaning and tending, including Gwydion’s resting place *
  • Any appropriate ritual work needed — offerings, cleansing, etc.*

Goat Lodge and Temple:

  • Dusting and arranging books
  • Maintaining spice shelves, pots and pans, etc.
  • Sweeping and washing floors and steps
  • Washing windows (outside too, if you feel able)
  • Making a town run for needed supplies *
  • Replacing used candles; scraping wax out of candle holders
  • Raking area in front of buildings
  • Restocking firewood (cutting, splitting, carrying, etc.)*

Garden and Faerie Woods:

  • Weeding, raking and wheelbarrowing to compost heap *
  • Pruning and trimming roses, fruit trees, etc.*
  • Tending the organic compost piles *
  • Fertilizing* and watering
  • Gathering fruit and flowers*
  • Creating your own (shared) plot
  • Repairing and strengthening garden fence and gates*
  • Raking and repairing borders of pathways past altars and campsites
  • Raking and smoothing ground at tent sites

Road Work – Old Fluffy and Main Road:

  • Clearing rocks and fallen branches
  • Shaving high points in crown
  • Bringing crushed rock for potholes and muddy areas
  • Clearing and shaping gutters*
  • Repairing retainer walls*