Basic Rules and Etiquette

Annwfn Moon CircleWelcome to Annwfn!

Annwfn is our Sacred Land and wilderness sanctuary. It is hard on the land to have so many people here, yet we feel it is important to share this resource with the community. While none of us like rules and regulations, it is crucial that we respect the land and our impact on it. Therefore we ask that you read carefully and abide by the following rules and suggestions:

This is a clothing optional camp. There may be displays of sexuality here and there. Make sure you and your children are comfortable with this. Please see the Sexual Etiquette handout. Remember that nudity is not in itself an invitation;

Children under 18 years of age are not permitted to attend the adult May Games. Please respect this even if you think your own child is old enough. This is in respect for legal ramifications around children and sexuality. There are adults that would be unable to participate if children were present. Often there is entertainment provided for the children separate from the May Games.

Please don’t use illegal substances at Annwfn gatherings. It puts everyone at legal risk. Remember to use common sense and obey California’s laws.

Make sure you sign a waiver of liability when you register and read it carefully.


Please camp in designated campsites only. They are marked and have been raked and leveled. Please make it look unvisited when you leave.

Keep food protected. There is limited food storage in the Goat Lodge – always bring an ice chest with you. Unattended food will draw critters and you may find it eaten and crumbs left all over. Watch for ants, they can get in your sleeping bag!!

Stay on established trails when walking through the woods. If you must wander, be extremely careful of vegetations and wildflowers. Trampling contributes to erosion and may damage rare plants. Please respect the flowers so they remain for others to enjoy.

Pee on the ground and use the privies for solid waste. Do not leave toilet paper in the woods – put it in the trash. Do not shit in the woods, use the designated privies. There is one by the Goat Lodge entrance and three near the Upper Meadow campgrounds. (The shower room in the Goat Lodge can be equipped with urination station if requested – please dump the bucket outside & rinse out when finished.) It is important NOT to urinate in the privy. The urine changes the decomposition process and also fills the barrel up too fast.

No pets. Please leave pets at home. There is a delicate balance of wildlife here, as well as several indigenous felines. Personal pets are inappropriate and will be asked to leave.

Carry a flashlight. They are needed at night even when you are walking on the trails. Please be considerate when using your flashlight and don’t shine it into people’s eyes or their campsites.


Take garbage and recycling home with you. There are recycling bins at the Goat Lodge. Please rinse all recycling (using as little water as possible) before you place it in recycling bins. Remember everyone must take their trash with them and any other recycling that they are willing to take. The Caretakers can only make so many trips to the dump.

Don’t bring Styrofoam to Annwfn. If you can’t get around bringing it with you than make sure you take it home.

Do not burn trash in the Sacred Fire area.


Smoke in designated areas only. Smoke only in front of the Goat Lodge (this area has been cleared of debris that may cause a brush fire) or at Smoking Area at Upper Meadow. Don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground, in the pond, or in the fire pit. Use the ash cans provided.


Shower. Within the Goat Lodge there is a one-person shower. Please do not exceed the maximum capacity for the shower. Often the shower ends up needing repair when it is stuffed with too many people. There is limited hot water so please use it sparingly. If you bring your own soap please make it all natural and biodegradable. In times of water shortage you may be asked to forgo using the shower.

Solar Showers. If you bring your own solar shower you can use the shower stall to shower in. The garden is a great place to leave your solar shower bag to warm.

Pond and Hot Tub. Please do not bath in the hot tub or pond. Children must be supervised when playing near the pond. Always be careful of sunburn.


The Red House. The red house above the Goat Lodge is the caretaker’s house. Do not enter their space without specific invitation from one of them.

The Goat Lodge. The Goat Lodge is for food preparation, first aid, etc… Please only be in the Goat Lodge if you have a need. If you use anything from the Lodge make sure you clean it and put it away. It is not a place to store your food. It is your job to keep the Lodge clean. Do your part!

The Shaggy Mushroom. This tall wooden yurt is our Temple. We encourage you to visit there, but please respect it as Sacred Space and use it for meditation, sacred talking, ritual, etc… Remove shoes before going upstairs, and follow other rules as posted. Do not handle or remove magickal objects on any of the altars, upstairs or down, without expressed permission.


You are always welcome to visit the garden. Please keep the garden gates closed at all times (whether you are in or out) as the deer and animals can get in and eat everything in very short order. Do not pick flowers or vegetables unless you have permission from a caretaker or volunteer. Be careful not to walk in the beds, even if you see no plants – there may be young seedlings getting ready to sprout.


Everyone is encouraged to decorate the altars, gates and maypole. Please do not use plastic ribbon for decorating. They do not decompose in the soil. If you put up anything that cannot weather organically, take it home with you at the end of the weekend. Use organic substances that can return to the earth.

Do not leave glow sticks on the land, or open them and let the chemicals dribble. They have glass tubes inside. Treat the glow stick as you would a deity for it is your symbol of such.

Please respect the circle area. Do not leave belongings, garbage, clothing, condoms, etc… strewn around the circle. Allow designated fire tenders to stoke the ritual fire. For more information see the Ritual Etiquette Handout.


Park 2WD cars in the lower parking lot.

Do not take pictures of people without asking permission