Annwfn Ritual Etiquette

Key concepts:

  • Kindness
  • Choice
  • Grace
  • Service
  • Moderation
  • Intentionality
  • Care for the community
  • Honoring who is Leading if you choose to participate
  • High Ceremony ritual weekends include:

    Casual/Social Time:

    Please use Plant Medicines and Sacred Spirits with consciousness, and moderation. Know your limits and how/when it is safe for you & others to expand them. If you are a risk to yourself or others in your use of substances, we would love to gently converse with you about that, and how to support you and the community.

    Get enough sleep, water, food and sobriety to be able to PLAY NICE and BE EXCELLENT TO ONE ANOTHER.

    High Magick Ceremonies:

    Whichever Priest/esses are leading workshops, ritual trainings, or High Magick Rituals get to set the protocols for that experience. That can include (but is not limited to) a request for silence, meditation, fasting, sacred use of Medicine Plants, and/or sobriety.

    If you do not agree with the protocols set by who ever is leading, you can choose to abstain from the ritual, workshop or training OR create your own for next year, proposing your own Workshop, Ceremony or Training. Then you can state your Protocols.

    Please recognize that your guiding Priest/esses for the ceremony, training or workshop are holding the Big Picture of the outcome, journey, and risk involved (magically, emotionally, and/or physically). Please honor their requests if you choose to participate.

    Please be on time for the Rituals. Pagan time doesn't always mean late. Some Priest/esses are actually punctual! Pay attention.

    In some rituals levity is not appropriate--take your cues from the Priest/esses demeanor and the purpose of the ritual. Try to avoid side talk. Never use the ritual fire for trash disposal.

    Unless otherwise instructed, enter and move around the circle deosil (clockwise.) If you must leave and/or reenter a closed circle, cut yourself an opening at the entrance gate.

    If you are uncertain as to how to proceed, ask for guidance, or do nothing.

    Please Donate:

  • Time, goods, and/or money towards care & upkeep of the land
  • There is a list of needed items here
  • Clean up and pack out

  • If you use it, clean it.
  • If you take it somewhere else, put it back.
  • If you create garbage take it back out with you.