Items for Annwfn

Last Updated On 06/05/2014
A Few Things We Always Need:
  • Paper Products - toilet paper, paper towels, ect.
  • Candles
  • Matches, Lamp Oil
  • Trash/Recycling Removal
  • Fire Wood
  • Cleaning Supplies

NEEDS (In no particular order)

  • Eco friendly light bulbs
  • Batteries for the solar system (12 volt) - Golf cart or deep cycle marine batteries)
  • Electrical Supplies (for solar power system): outdoor or indoor romex cable, fuses, ect.
  • Fire Safety Supplies: water backpacks, buckets, hoses, fire extinguishers, ect.
  • Solar Aerator for pond
  • Additional water tanks (to manifest the ever-sought-after Hot Tub!!)
  • Additional solar panels (6 more solar panels would make it possible for Annwfn to have an electric year-round refrigerator.)
  • Gasoline to power the generator
  • Road Maintenance Supplies: gravel, working hands, ect.
  • Barrels, all kinds (for water storage, trash/recycling storage [until we can get it hauled off the land], privy waste storage (which is turned into the natural fertilizer for the garden], ect.)
  • Burlap
  • Additional medical supplies
  • Tarps (as a short term fix-it until we can fix the Goat Lodge roof)
  • Mauls & wedges for splitting wood

    WANTS (In no particular order)

  • Two stroke oil for the chainsaw (engine); bar-and-chain oil for the chainsaw (blade)
  • Extra work gloves (for those who come up to put their hand to the Land)
  • Wood splitter (This will make chopping wood to keep Annwfn's Caretakers and participants warm in the Frosty Winter.)
  • New propane refrigerator
  • Solar lights for the garden (to line the walkways)
  • Solar oven
  • Drying racks
  • Book shelves

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