Event Registration

Visit the Event page at CAW.ORG to see the calendar and register for events at Annwfn Upon registration you will receive directions and additionall information regarding each event.


There are many ways to contribute to Annwfn. Some examples are financial contributions (tithes and donations) volunteer services, supplies, blessings, good will, and good wishes. All forms of personal involvement with Annwfn are appreciated and necessary for the health and well-being of the Sanctuary. Let us continue in our endeavor to make Annwfn the most sacred and cherished part of our growing community. Thou art God and Goddess...

Tax Info

Church of All Worlds is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization and, therefore, all contributions to CAW or it's Sacred Land, Annwfn, are deductible. Donations of $250 or more (in a single donation or throughout a tax year) are entitled to written substantiation of their charitable contributions from the Treasurer/Secretary of the Board at the time of the contribution. (Please contact the CAW Board Treasurer or Secretary for financial receipts.) We can supply receipts in a letter or electronic (e-mail) format, either of which is acceptable by the IRS.

Please help us with your requests and supply us with as much information concerning dates, check numbers, and amounts donated as you can. If you're attending an upcoming event, please indicate the event name and date. PayPal donations can be verified via e-mail.

If not using PayPal, please indicate in the note section of your check or money order that you want the money earmarked for Annwfn.

Contact Annwfn:

(707) 321-6529

P.O. Box 48
Calpella, CA. 95418


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