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Save Old Fluffy - Our Road to Annwfn

Annwfn volunteers working on Old Fluffy

Gwydion's chair
from the temple at Annwfn

During the last week of May, 2014, It was discovered that someone had stolen Gwydion's chair from the temple at Annwfn! It must have happened during a time when the caretakers Wolf and Spiral were off the Land for the day. Please watch for it at second hand stores, Ebay, Craigslist, peoples' homes or any other place you can think of.

Friends of Annwfn, Inc. will pay a $200 reward for anyone who leads us to its safe return. Contact Art at 707 972-7974 if you have any information.

Annwfn was created in 1982 as a sanctuary where Pagans would be able to commune with nature and peacefully practice their religion. It is a full 55 acres of beautiful forest in Mendocino County, Ca, USA. Annwfn is open to the community to use when they have the need to refuel, relax, and reground apart from their normal daily lives.

Annwfn also hosts many monthly events throughout the year that correspond with lunar cycles, sabbats, esbats, a Pagan childrens camp, men's and women's weekends, and other privately scheduled activities.

Annwfn is a non-profit sanctuary run entirely from donations made by the Pagan community. Please follow the event link on the left side to be redirected to a place where you can pre-register for any of our events. Please contact the Sanctuary by phone or email to arrange for work trades.